Self-awareness is a significant aspect in any individual’s life. Whether it is at work life or family life, self-awareness plays a critical role. To achieve a high level of self-awareness, continuous self-development is necessary. We need to assess where we are, clarify where we want to reach, and chart out the journey. This is a continuous process day after day, week after week, year after year. We change as individuals, the world we live in changes too. Therefore, we need to look at self-development as an ongoing process. There are numerous resources to help us in this journey – self-help books, motivational videos, seminars, workshops and so on. The important thing is to find what works for us and implement it diligently.

In this direction, the newly minted book – ‘The Science of People Performance’ provides valuable insights and workable tools and techniques. The book takes the reader through the core concepts of personal transformation and supports them in implementation of these concepts.

The most valuable technique is the personal mastery model. It guides every individual to critically analyze each of their actions through a systematic lens of: Action-Thinking-Belief-Intention-Drive. The awareness of the drive behind each action is the key to personal mastery. In addition to this powerful technique, this book has various other gems to offer. The 3Rs of learning, the 5A learning cycle, Triple loop learning, After Action Review, 3S for Individual performance, 2R for Sustainable performance, 6:3:1 Circle of Ownership, PBS for Life’s 4 demands – are some of the other tools.