Organization Performance Management

Performance management is one of the greatest challenges in the Organizations. Lack of planning & strategy, leadership, unclear roles & responsibilities, poor communication, unclear organization structure & hierarchy are the top reasons for business failures. This makes it very critical and mandates the need for performance management system. High performance organizations track the performance of all functions in an integrated system known as ‘Organizational Performance Management’.

Our Methodology

The Organization Performance Management program trains leaders to effectively bring out the best performances in individuals, teams, and the whole organization. This program focuses on development areas for top

management to efficiently operate and participate in the implementation of organization’s strategy. This program will deep dive into people, process, resources, and feedback system required to gain expected performance and results.

What Do Participants Learn?

As a result of attending this program, participants will acquire the ability to:

  • Learn the key strategies of functioning High Performance Team.
  • Analyse their performance system through effective assessment, training and coaching.
  • Improve, enhance and implement strategies to attain best performance outcome.

Who Should Attend

  • Mid-to-senior level leaders
  • Managers from any business function and at any level
  • Operational managers or Department managers or Unit Managers
  • Experienced specialists identified as prospects for increased leadership responsibilities