Global Talent Development

Global agility occupies the center-stage for developing leaders. The need for talents with multiple skills sets especially the ability to help business grow in international markets is what keeps global businesses ahead. It is imperative for the companies to develop “Global Talents” in-house as a key strategic business objective.

Our Methodology

Global Talent Development program aims at developing global talents by nurturing the global skills and mindset required for international growth. The program is designed to help your organization develop a talent pipeline to effectively lead and manage by bringing in world-class work experiences and exposures all around the world.

This Program is structured into 2 phases with master classes, internship, action learning projects, coaching and certification completion.
Phase 1 – 3 months internship at selected global locations, specifically chosen to provide the platform for developing self and identifying possible business opportunities for the organization.
Phase 2 – 3 months ‘Application of Learning’ exercise, back at home location, to harvest the acquired learning and demonstrate the newly developed global talent competencies for certification.

What Do Participants Learn?

As a result of attending this program, participants will acquire:

  • Self-assessment to identify current gaps w.r.t global experience
  • Relevant Global Skills and mindset
  • Knowledge, Skills & Tools to successfully embark & complete the Learning Journey
  • Cross culture differences, perspective, and ways of doing business.
  • Skills to be more resilient and strong to face the unexpected challenges.

Who Should Attend

  • Mid-to-senior level managers
  • Sales and Marketing mangers