Corporate University Development

The two most important things in a business are its people and its culture. Best Business outcomes are seen when these two complement each other. Corporate University is a strategic tool to advance the organizations by enhancing the knowledge, skills, competencies, training and learning culture. They keep the organizations relevant in the changing world. As the primary engine that drives the Corporate Culture and Learning development, it focuses on meeting business needs and individual learning needs using all the new tools. Corporate university understands the business, the customers and the talent of the organization and helps close the gaps that exist between what is and what might be to provide better services and a more engaged and empowered workforce.

Our Methodology

The Corporate University Development program focuses on Learning as a strategic tool for Organization growth and Skill development. The program offers experiential and application based learning with proven systems, processes and tool kits

Program Benefits

  • Develop leaders with transformation skills, innovation, learning agility and commitment to setup and lead a Learning Organization.
  • Train leaders to solve tomorrow’s problems
  • Network and building strong partnerships within the organizations
  • High Impact Learning Culture
  • Learn, Think, Innovate and experiment to progress and prosper.
  • Align the training division with the organizations’ strategy and vision

Who Should Attend

  • Mid-to-senior level leaders from Learning Organization.
  • Experienced specialists identified as prospects for increased leadership responsibilities